Basic Yoga Poses to Give You a Head start on Your Way to Fitness

Let’s admit it; who doesn’t love the sight of athletic, agile, and lithe yogis pulling off impossible yoga poses with so much grace? Every time you come across such posts, you promise yourself that you’ll soon get yourself back into shape and get started on your yoga journey. However, the advanced yoga poses put a lot of people off yoga who assume that yoga is restricted to some specific body types or that it is too difficult or complicated for them.

First things first, yoga is not only for a specific body type; It’s a comprehensive approach to improve your lifestyle and health. Kick start your fitness regime with these basic yoga poses.

 1.    The Mountain Pose or Tadasana

The mountain pose is about much more than simple standing. You must stand straight with your feet hip-width apart. This pose allows even distribution of your weight. Feel your feet, every toe as it presses into the mat under your weight. Now, breathing slowly and evenly, bring your hands together. Keep your spine straight and raise your hands above your head. Stretch your arms completely and reach upwards. This basic pose is great for improving your posture. Yogis believe that one needs to master the Mountain pose before progressing to other yoga poses.

2.    The Downward Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana

This poses requires you to go on all fours. Keeping both your hands and your feet shoulder-length apart, push your hips upward to form an inverted V shape. This pose can be pulled off easily if you spread your fingers. Press your heels into the floor or the mat one after the other to make this pose more effective. This is a great yoga pose that gives a nice stretch to your entire body.

3.    The Child Pose or Balasana

Though it is considered one of the easiest yoga poses, Balasana is one of the most effective poses for enhancing the overall body strength and give yourself a break from everything that’s troubling you. All you need is to tuck your toes under and kneel on the mat. Bring your but to your feet and lie down with your arms extended forward. Rest your forehead on the mat as your stomach lies on your knees. The people experiencing knee problems should be careful with this pose. It is a great pose for those who suffer from the back pain.

4.    The Tree Pose or Virksasana

The tree pose is an advanced form of the mountain pose. First, assume the mountain pose and try to shift all your weight onto one leg. While maintaining a straight posture, bring the heel of your one foot to the inner thigh of the other leg. Try to balance your body and breathe evenly. Bring your joined hands in front of you as in a prayer and hold your position. You can even try to further enhance your balance by stretching your joined hands upwards as in the mountain pose. The Virksasana is a helpful way to make your lower legs and thighs stronger.

5.    The Bridge Pose or Setu Bhanda

This yoga pose is highly recommended for those who are interested in improving their backbends routine. Start off by lying flat on the mat with your arms resting on the sides.  Lift your hips up by pressing your heels into the floor. Clasp your hands and push your arms into the mat to support your frame. Bring your hips parallel to the mat. Finally, bring your chest closer to your chin to pull off Setu Bhanda. This pose is helpful for strengthening your vertebrae and chest.

6.    The Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana

To stretch your ankles and legs to the full, pull your legs up to four feet apart. Move your right foot slightly inwards while putting your left foot at 90 degrees.  Hold your arms outwards with your palms turned down and find your balance. Breathe evenly as you bring your left knee 90 degrees while concentrating on the hand pulled outward. Maintain the pose, switch sides, and repeat.

Practice these basic yoga poses for beginners to kick out your intimidation for yoga and give your day a healthy boost.

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