ReserveKing Is Set to Launch in the Fall of 2017

We announced today that our reservation service will officially launch in the Washington, D.C. area in the fall of 2017. Through our unique online portal, we make it easier for fitness enthusiasts to quickly find, schedule and pay for workouts at local fitness centers, while helping gym and studio owners increase membership and build brand awareness.

We offer the most competitive profit-sharing model in the industry, empowering fitness center owners to dramatically increase revenue, while promoting their exercise classes to thousands of new and potential lifelong clients.

Additionally, by handling the marketing, payment and scheduling operations for local gyms and fitness studios, we enable owners to focus on what truly matters; helping their clients achieve their specific fitness goals.

“I developed ReserveKing out of my own frustration of not being able to easily find accessible non-membership based fitness activities in the D.C. area that I could readily book on the go without spending enormous amounts of time researching,” said Reghe Ojaide, founder and CEO of ReserveKing.

“After speaking with numerous local fitness studio and gym owners, we quickly realized their frustrations with competitive services, and decided to create a grassroots network that would be mutually beneficial to both owners and fitness seekers. The response has been overwhelming. To date we already have more than 3,000 potential users in our database and more than 30 local gyms and fitness studios signed up as partners.”

Gym and fitness studio owners looking to sign up with ReserveKing are able to register online to become a ReserveKing partner.

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